Violentlyill perches outside the box when it comes to pigeonholing beats. Usually found obsessing over his next dusty boombap break in the form of classic hip-hop, bass conscious grooves and anything in between.

With samples lifted from older times sending digital messages with meanings that only resonate with those who seek it, you can find Violentlyill’s, beat tapes, EPs and digital releases across Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.



This eclectic musical whizz can only be described as anime come real life, super - non action; galaxy music decoder from the futures past... 

HART consistently dishes out

Melodic ambient cosmic energy vibes with inspirational and uplifting samples to give it that all over good-feel nostalgic glow.

HART's bootlegs are inspired by the fusion of old swingin' jazz meets classic heavy hip-hop. These versions are even funkier than the original and they're crisp heaviness may leave you with a dope sense of trip-hop satisfaction.

Delivering masterpieces lightspeed quick and with only just getting started in the game. We are very excited to see what she has to serve up next... The Reflective EP...OUT NOW. 




KUB's bringing all the Flavours needed to Serve up a Cold tasty dish of Classic Hip Hop.

Flipping the samples with more styles than your Mum on pancake Tuesday...KUB is not only a Mad Scientist when it comes to the Production, he's also an Artist / Animator, Vinyl Spinning Bboy from the Battalions Cru Newcastle Upon Tyne...

His latest release, Lost In Tomorrow, is out now on Spotify and iTunes.



Sythe's Style is Second to None when Paired with the Capabilities to Seamlessly Flow through the Genres like it's Nothing New. Keeping Sets Surprising and Fresh without fear of Choice, Delivering that Underground Alternative Twist in the Mix... 

Sythe's is full Spectrum from the Old School Analogue Projecting through into the Digital Future! Never Shy of All things Musical, Switching up Styles like a Kung Fu Master, from Vinyl to CD from CD to Serato, Mapping out the Projection that Once Began as a Cosmic Echo from Drum Machines Pads and MIDI (MultIDImensional) Controllers Keys...

We don't call him "THE GENERAL" for no reason. With Detailed Aspects of the illdustry and an Third Ear for Production. Sythe's Capable of Mashing Up the Place And You Better Believe he's Packin' that Grade...



Two tripped out kids astrally stuck in 5D transmitting back sounds of the Future ...

Couch Astronauts have just tripped through from another dimension to help us musically envision what the future sounds like... Jeeez! With their first single, 'New Text', out on iTunes and Spotify, these two are pushing out mad frequencies with a classic radio transmitter feel.

Coming to a couch near you...



More often heard than seen, Vangard dares to stand out from the crowd & create the vibrations needed to keep the punters on their toes.

Influenced by all things rave, Vangard consistently delivers heavy breaks with uplifting melodic elements, resulting in dancefloor stompers that can only be accompanied by a "yeooo!!". He has cat like reflexes, & Yoda like knowledge for all dem tings musically inclined.

Excited we are, to hear what VANGARD has in store for us next...

EP Soon